Sounds of the Weekend

Here are the songs I will have on constant repeat this weekend

Starting off the list with something pretty mellow. I love the peaceful, yet strong, bass on this track. I actually am listing to it while I write up this post.

Doing a complete 180 from the last song on the list, I am not afraid to say this has been one of my favorites the last few days. If you know me personally you know that I am a huge fan of party style rap (dont judge). I also have a pretty big addiction to Fetty Wap at the moment so this song was the perfect find. 

Last on the list is 1998 by Chet Faker and Banks. I love the way these two compliment each other on the track, in addition to the entire melody. My favorite part of the song by far is at 2:15 when Banks begins her vocal runs and the both artist come together to create a seamless perfection of sound. Definitely a favorite for the week.

Tell me what you thought about this weeks songs and let me know about songs you are listening to this weekend in the comments!