We are live! Our mission is to be your one-stop-shop to all things luxury. Everything from fashion and cars, to motivational quotes and interior design. We will work our hardest to not only give you inspiration and guidance on how to live the most luxurious life possible, but also give you access to all the items you want to get hold of. 

This site came to life from the imagination and lifestyle of our curator and Jay Choyce Tibbitts (hints the spelling of the site). Jay noticed how there were so many great pages on social platforms like Instagram and twitter that showcasing mens luxury goods, but all they contained were pictures. A few mens lifestyle magazines existed that gave the reader information on what products to buy, but they did not have the same visual appeal and simplicity as the pictures found on Instagram or twitter. What if there was a way to combine these two platforms in a way that was efficient, but still visually appealing and simple?

We believe we have bridged that gap for you. The Luxury Choyce is here to give you all the major content with none of the unappealing fluff.  Not only will we post our own content, we will also include some of the best content from Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and your favorite retailers. We love to receive submission of content from our members so don't be shy! Once you become a member of The Luxury Choyce, our team will make sure you are always at the cusp of success, wealth, and most importantly... Luxury.