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The Luxury Choyce is a luxury lifestyle conglomerate for the gentleman not afraid to bask in the fruits of his labor. Our mission is to be able to support this hard working gentleman and give him access to everything his hard work, dedication, and sacrifice have awarded him. 

The Luxury Choyce was started as a way for the sophisticated, yet proud, man to fill all his desires in one place. Our curator, Jay Choyce Tibbitts (hence the spelling of the site), noticed how there were so many great luxury goods pages geared towards men on social media platforms, but they only contained pictures. A few lifestyle magazines existed that gave the reader information on what products to buy and where to buy them, but they did not have the same visual appeal and simplicity as pictures found on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.

What if there was a way to combine these two platforms in a way that was efficient, but still visually appealing and simple?

We believe we have bridged this gap for you. What makes The Luxury Choyce different from other sites is our ability to directly connect you with what you want to buy. We pride ourselves with not just being another blog with pictures of other peoples items, but a place where you can get those items yourself. No longer do you have to search for hours on the web or comment on random Instagram accounts for picture details. We will give you access to all things luxury in one concise and coherent setting. 

Our mission is to serve you. Giving you all the ideas and tools to stand out above the crowd is what we live for. For even more access to the site, apply for membership. As a member you will have access to all aspects of our site including blog post, special deals, our monthly newsletter, and the ability to submit your own pictures.

We are here for you, so feel free to email us with any questions, concerns, or comments. We are happy to take them! Always remember, being apart of the 1% isn't only a matter of the size of your wallet, but about the breadth of your imagination.